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The students of class A, 10th grade, were asked to write a poem after having read in the English class the poem “Cyberfriend”. The teacher wanted to check their abilities as poets and the results were very good, as you can see. They are really Camões’s heirs.

The true friendship

I’m a thousand miles away from you

But I feel like you are here, next to me.

The distance will never separate us

Because our friendship is stronger than that.

We’ve laughed together,

We’ve cried together,

We’ve lived unforgettable moments.

I keep you in my mind

And you still make me laugh when I remember our funny moments.

You still support me in the worst moments and I think that you can say the same.

The distance won’t win!

We won´t give in!              Ana Carolina , nº 2


You are a part of me

I want to have you by my side

I make a part of your days

I speak with you every time

But without you the days are just days

And the nights dark moments

I wait one day have you by my side

Every day of my life.
                                   Vanessa, nº 20


Near or far

We are always together

To support, to help, to laugh

You are always there

You're my best friend

And I won't give up on that

Our friendship is like the sun

Always shine and bright

The clouds may appear

Bringing the rain

But as long as we're together

We will feel no pain
                                           Maria Ferreira, nº 17

History doesn’t repeat itself

Before that day, you said I’m everything to you,

You wanted to be with me every moment,

You made me smile...

You knew me, my goals, my life.

You knew what I want and what I need.

You made me feel special!

Quickly... Everything changed.

The sky isn’t blue...

And why?

I don’t like to do the things I loved.

I remember the times you said: “Even if you’re not with me, I’m with you”,

But you didn’t respect your sentence:

You hurt me and make me cry.

You make me feel the least.

But now I say: “If you’re not with me, I’m not with you”.

Because I know I’m stronger than that.

And at this moment sky is blue again!

Friends and friendship …

Friends for me

Are those people

That help in bad moments

And are with us in the good things

The friendship in our life

is very important

A person can't be happy

without a friend

When we give friendship

We make someone happy

I won't forget my friends

I will always remember them

They are very important

Everyday of my life

Manuela Silveira

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